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Ministry of Education and Research

Responsibility for the school system is shared between the Riksdag, the Government, principal organisers (state, municipality, county council or independent school organisers), agencies and authorities in the school area and the schools themselves.

Frames and goals are set out in various national steering documents adopted by the Swedish Riksdag and Government. For schools, the following steering documents have been adopted: the Education Act, ordinances on school forms, curricula, syllabuses and timetables. These stipulate goals and guidelines, what subjects are to be available and the minimum guaranteed number of tuition hours pupils are entitled to in different subjects.

Tuition is free of charge at many levels. Municipal and central government tax revenues provide the funding for the public school system. Independent schools at compulsory and upper secondary level are also wholly financed out of public funds. All municipalities are guaranteed equivalent financial conditions in accordance with a special equalisation system. Amongst other things, this means that all children and pupils should have conditions for access to education that are as similar as possible in all parts of the country.

Publicerat 2019-11-13