Om oss

Our mission and role

At the National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools (SPSM in Swedish), we work to ensure that children, young people and adults – regardless of functional ability – have adequate conditions to fulfil their educational goals.

This is done through:

  • special needs support
  • education in special needs schools
  • accessible teaching materials
  • government funding

We have broad knowledge of the educational consequences of disabilities. The support we offer involves individuals' learning and the work and activities of teachers, as well as organisational issues.

We believe everyone, regardless of functional ability, has the right to a well-functioning education.

The knowledge and skills we offer are a complement to the resources of the municipalities and schools.

We also work to bring research and practice closer together. One way is by disseminating the findings from special needs research.

We cooperate with universities and other institutions of higher education in networks and we participate in educational programmes and courses.

In addition, we have regular contacts with the Swedish National Agency for Education and the Swedish Schools Inspectorate.

Publicerat 2019-11-13