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Special needs education (SNE) in Sweden

Pupils in need of special support have the right to specialist provision. Special support shall be given to pupils who have difficulties in completing their education successfully. If a pupil needs special support, an action plan shall be drawn up.

The regulations regarding plans for pupils in need of special support have been further clarified. The pupil's need is to be assessed and the subsequent action plan shall contain information regarding the pupil's needs, what measures will be taken and how these measures will be followed up and evaluated. All education corresponds as far as possible to national curriculums, but with the emphasis upon meeting individual learning needs. Approximately 14 per cent of the pupils in compulsory mainstream schools have an action plan (2013). The action plan is decided by the principal.

In a few circumstances, this provision is offered in special programmes, e.g. special needs schools with sign language communication are available for pupils with severe hearing impairments, and a special programme is offered to pupils with learning disabilities. The pupils' needs are assessed by a multi-disciplinary team. Medical, social, psychological and pedagogical tests are carried out. Once the statement has been completed, the pupil is allowed to attend these special programmes. Attending a special programme or a special needs school is voluntary. If the pupil does not choose to attend a special programme or a special seeds school, the pupil attends the mainstream school with support and an action plan.

Publicerat 2022-05-17