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The Swedish education system, the legal system and financing

The Swedish education system includes compulsory and non-compulsory education. Most Swedish schools are public, run by the municipalities, but an increasing number of schools are independent.

Local authorities are bound by law to provide a number of basic services among which the provision of compulsory education, upper secondary education, pre-school and child care take a major part. Municipalities are free to use collected taxes and state funding for whatever services and systems are judged to be best for their respective areas. Many municipalities delegate budgets directly to individual schools.

An amount of money is granted and follows each pupil to whatever school they choose, either municipal or independent. A school that receives grants from the municipality is not entitled to collect school fees.

The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools, SPSM

Our task is to ensure that children, young people and adults – regardless of functional ability – have adequate conditions to fulfil their educational goals. This is done through special needs support, education in special needs schools, accessible teaching materials and government funding.

International co-operation in special needs education, SNE

European co-operation takes place through our assignment with the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education. International contacts, including networks in our fields of competency, are important, especially in areas of less well-known disabilities.

Publicerat 2023-10-20